droneDyne is located in Halle in Belgium and ships their products to Europe.

Significant projects can be provided worldwide. (e.g. drones designed to cover big areas in Africa to fight poachers)

dD Hex 17 – Versatile medium sized aerial system

20km range and up to 45min autonomy autopilot hexacopter.

Our dD Hex 17 is our latest iteration of droneDyne UAVs. Its high versatility makes it the best platform for almost any application.


A wide variety of cameras can be carried using the dD Hex 17 from a small GoPro to a DSLR mounted on a Gremsy T3 3 axis gimbal with digital video transmission on the ground (i.e. Connex mini). We offer various ways of controlling the camera (i.e. Seagull UAV modules)  from the ground either using the main remote control, a dedicated one or even fully autonomously through mission planning.

Photogrammetry and LIDAR
The dD Hex 17 can carry specialized cameras such ad the Phase one iXM 100 mega pixel camera or even a LIDAR such as the Lidaretto.

Survey missions
Thanks to ardupilot, it is easy to plan survey missions with automatic camera control

Industrial inspection
Specialized tools can be mounted such as MiniRAE 3000 gaz detectors.

Surveillance camera with artificial intelligence and thermal cameras can be mounted such as the FLIR Duo Pro R or Aerialtronics Pensar.

Carrying payload
It is possible to manually or automatically drop items during autonomous missions using a hook managed by the autopilot.

Follow me
Ardupilot offers many features such as automatic follow-me mode from a smartphone. The drone can even be controlled from take off to landing using nothing but a smartphone or a tablet.

Technical overview

The dD Hex 17 is based on a Tarot T960 frame with retractable landing gears.

  • 20min to 45min flight time depending on the payload and airspeed
    • No load : 45min flight time
    • 760g load (Sony HX60-V + 2 axis gimbal) : 38min flight time
    • 4Kg load : 20min flight time
  • 3km to 20km range depending on transmission system
  • Maximum usefull load : 4Kg
  • Maximum take-off weight : 9,82Kg
  • Frame weight : 3,25Kg
  • Batteries weight : 2,57Kg
  • 2x 10.000mAh 6S batteries on top of the frame
  • Automatic retractable landing gear
  • Pixhawk 4 mini running on Ardupilot
  • BLHeli 32 ESC with telemetry sent to the flight controller
  • HUD displayed on the remote control with full support of telemetry
  • PC, smartphone or tablet ground station
  • Diameter : 102cm; 141cm including propellers
  • Height (GPS mast unfolded) : 62,5cm
  • Payload max height : 37cm
  • Foldable design allows for easy transportation


dD Hex 17 ARTF combo

This package includes the drone only without batteries, RC receiver, remote control etc.

The drone is delivered completely assembled configured and tested.

The package includes

  • 8 Propellers (2 spares)
  • Tarot T960 frame
  • Automatic retractable landing gears
  • 6 Motors Tarot 5008 340KV
  • 6 ESC Holybro Tekko32 65A
  • Pixhanwk 4 mini + telemetry module

This package includes one day training.

Price : 2990€

dD Hex 17 RTF combo

This package includes everything you need to fly.

In addition to the ARTF combo, this package includes

  • 240W Dual battery charger
  • FrSkyTaranis X9D Plus remote control
  • FrSky X8R receiver (3km range)
  • 2x 6S 10.000mAh batteries
  • All cabling for droneDyne gimbal

This package includes one day training.

Price : 3990€

dD Hex 17 RTF long range

This package is similar to the RTF combo but with a 20km range.

The remote control and the flight controller are replaced by

  • The Pixhawk Cube orange flight controller
  • Herelink 2.4GHz system (remote controller + Video screen)
  • Includes ADS-B receiver to receive information from manned aicrafts

This package includes two days training.

Price : 5490€

To order, please contact us and let us know which package you are interested in.

You may find important information such as our shipping costs and policy on our Q&A page.


At droneDyne we are specialized to build custom made solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us to get a quote for your personalized solution.

Please check our work on this page.

In our fleet page, you can see our prototypes and hobby realizations.

Tailor-made unmanned aerial vehicle


droneDyne’s expertise in UAVs conception

We can provide several kinds of drones, even based on RC planes.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, describe your needs and ask for a quote.

You can find here a list of question you could answer to help us determine the best solution that fits your needs.

On the picture on the left you can see a prototype of solar plane, this plane is able to fly autonomously while carrying a GoPro camera.

Below you can see a small racing drone running on Ardupilot and an autonomous glider with an embedded FPV camera

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